GIZ Sep 23, 2022

Bid announcement: For Cement

The Giz-develoPPP Project would like to invite you to submit technical specifications and financial offers for items listed below. 





Cement (OPC)

118 (Quintals)


Transportation to two coffee cooperatives in Yirgacheffe (411km from Addis Ababa)


Bid Reference Number: 005/08/22/develoPPP/AA

Submission deadline: 07.10.2022 (4:00pm in the afternoon)

Any eligible local supplier interested in accepting the GIZ-SUVASE proposal for supplying the items is welcome to submit technical specifications and financial offers to the GIZ SUVASE Project located in Kazanchis, Hisham Complex (beside Enat bank), 3rd floor. The submissions must be in an envelope and clearly labelled with the reference number 005/08/22/develoPPP/AA. 

 Special conditions and instructions:

  • Supplier must attach a valid TIN, VAT, and a current renewed business license.
  • Supplier must have a legal invoice.
  •  Supplier must clearly indicate whether the price offer is before or after 15% VAT
  • Technical specifications should be detailed descriptions of the items. Legal Documents/ business licenses will not be considered as technical specifications.
  • Your offer might be rejected or disqualified if technical specifications and financial offers are not submitted separately, if the reference number is not indicated on the envelope and if legal documents/licenses are submitted as technical specifications.
  • The offer should be submitted in the language of the tender documents.
  •  For financial offers, use the provided price sheet form.
  • Financial offer currency must be in ETB (Ethiopian Birr).
  • The validity date of your offer should be 60 days
  • The place of delivery is to two different cooperatives located in Yirgachaffe (411 km away from Addis Ababa). The delivery places and items to be distributed are described in a separate spreadsheet.
  • The delivery time must be within 7 working days after official order is given.
  • Payment will be settled after delivery and presentation of valid invoice.
  • GIZ develoPPP project has the right to cancel the tender fully or partially.

For any clarifications, kindly contact the GIZ Project latest by 29.09.2022 using the email.

GIZ reserves the right to cancel the tender and contracting process at any time

We look forward to hearing from you.