Raycon Construction

Reporter Sep 21, 2022



Raycon construction has the following sub-contract works and would like to invite all interested & eligible local contractors to execute the sub-contract works.

  1. Installation of sanitary fixtures for a five-star hotel

Bidders should observe the following in their bidding process:

  1. Interested eligible bidders can obtain bidding documents (BOQ and drawing) from raycon construction, free of charge.
  2. Bidders must be submitted to the address indicated, within one week. Sealed envelopes containing a separate envelope sealed and marked” Bid Security” “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” copy of all the document
  3. Bidders may check the physical progress of the project at the specified location below.
  4. The Bid winners will be notified when the bid analysis and results are complete through their contact address.
  5. Experience and qualifications
    • 5.1 previous work experience in five star and luxury apartment
    • 5.2. A minimum of three testimonies from previously worked and completed works must be submitted
    • 5.3. need to be able to provide a bank guarantee or an equivalent check of this contract amount for the work
    • 5.4. need to provide a valid tax registration document
  6. Raycon construction business plc has the right to cancel this bid in partial or in all.


A.A Head Office, Lideta,

Next to Flintstone Building, A.I.A Business Center 3rd floor

For More Information Tel. 011-557-5005/011-557-9222