Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Development and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOTC/DICAC)

Reporter Sep 18, 2022


The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission Refugee and Returnee Affairs Department (EOTC – DICAC/RRAD) needs to rent vehicles for its Gambella & assosa project staffers’ service purpose. Thus, the organization invites interested and qualified companies who fulfill the following requirements. Therefore, tenders can submit their proforma invoice and other relevant credentials to EOTC DICAC Office which is located in front of Trust Hotel (4 Kilo), on or before the 10th day of this advertisement.




Duty station


2016 or Latest model bus




Kule & jawi refugee camp

Passenger capacity:

44 seat.

Passenger doors: 2


Vehicle identity and condition: Have roof rack and should be moke known prior to the contractual agreement

2016 or Latest model car



Assosa/ Sherkole

Passenger capacity:

13-15 seats.

Passenger doors: 1 door

Vehicle identity and condition: Have roof rack and should be made known prior to the contractual agreement


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Bids shall be opened on the 10th day(due date Sep/28/2022) of this advertisement at 10:00 am at the commission’s hall.
  2. Delivery date: within 10 to 15 days once notified through an official letter.
  3. Price Validity for 60 days.
  4. EOTC-DICAC has the right to reject this bid fully or partially.
  • Location:……. Addis Ababa, Arat Kilo in front of Tourist Hotel
  • P.O.Box:……..____ 503
  • Telehone:……+251-11 155 2221/+0941 01 35 44
  • NB:…………… Please check our website at
  • www.dicacrrad.orçı/tender if you wish to have more information on this.