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  • Addis Ababa

Engender Health Ethiopia

Capital Sep 18, 2022


EngenderHealth’s vision is a world where sexual and reproductive health rights are respected as human rights, and women and girls have the freedom to reach their full potential. To achieve transformational change leading to true social and economic progress, EngenderHealth partners with diverse organizations across sectors with the shared goals of highlighting women’s value to sustainable.

EngenderHealth is seeking proposals from qualified consulting individuals or firms to conduct gender analysis for Reach, Expand, and Access Community Health (REACH) project.

Interested applicants expected to collect the TOR from EngenderHealth Country office and submit proposal for the call.

Summary of the parameters and key steps during the process. Applicants are advised to collect the ToR in person of via email SGoraga@EngenderHelath.org /ADessie@EngenderHealth.org,  carefully review, and comprehensively respond to and integrate the relevant portions of the ToR in their proposal submissions.

Proposals not meeting the ToR requirements will not be considered.

The final date for proposal submission will be up to September 26, 2022@10:00 local time. The expression of interest should contain: (a) technical proposal and (b) cost proposal

A. Technical Proposal (Original & Copy)

The technical proposal should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Detailed plans and methods to fulfill the TOR
  • Details of organizational/institutional capacity to undertake the ToR and previous relevant work, including at least 3 recent references with contact information
  • Names and backgrounds of key personnel responsible for the project (including CVS).
  • Details of any component of the ToR that would be subcontracted to another organization; and
  • A detailed work-plan based on all key milestones put forth in the TOR.

B. Financial (Original & Copy)

C. The Consulting firm required to attach the following documents

  • Renew business license
  • TIN certificate

1. Selection criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee of EH based on the following:

  • Quality, clarity, and completeness in relation to the TOR.
  • Organizational expertise in technical and operational aspects of census and/or sample survey.
  • Success undertaking similar work and delivery of quality product in a timely manner.
  • Experience and capacity of key personnel; and
  • Cost efficiency

II. Physical Address:

EngendrHealth office, Ethiopia Office Phone: 011 6 63 0833

Address: Engender health Addis Ababa, Ethiopia