Tsedey Bank S.C

Addis Zemen (May 14, 2022)


1. Tsedey Bank S.C has allocated a budget for the Construction of a Microfinance Building at

  1. Enefranze (B+G).
  2.  Aberhajira (G+1)

2) All eligible bidders who would be technically and financially capable to furnish the necessary materials, labor and equipment, and another necessary requirement for the execution and commissioning of the works

3) A Bidder shall provide evidence of its continued eligibility with the following documents;

Trade Registration Certificate valid for the year 2014 E.C

Business License valid for the year 2014 E.C

Certificate of competence for GC-4 Or BC-4 valid for the year

2014E.C Tax Clearance Certificate valid for this bid

VAT Registration Certificate

TIN Registration Certificate

4) A Bidder shall provide evidence of its technical and financial capability with the following documents.

* Companies experience and organizational structure, availability of professionals, skilled manpower, and machinery.

* Completion Certificate in the last past five years for at least two buildings (+1) and above a minimum project cost of each building is Ethiopian Birr 20,000,000.00(Twenty Million Birr).

* Audit report for the past five years showing the financial capability of the bidder and certified by a chartered accountant.

5) The Employer does not allow a joint venture or Consortium of two or more entities for this bid.

6) The bid document can be purchased from Tsedey Bank S.C Main Office 4th  floor Room number 403 beginning from the first announcement date until 21th Calendar day at 11:30 AM upon a payment of non-refundable fee of Ethiopia Birr 400.00 (Four Hundred Birr only) for each project

7) Orginal and copy Sealed bid documents shall be submitted to Tsedey Bank SC Head Office at Bahir dar room No 205 before the 21st calendar day from the first date of its announcement in newspaper to Tsedey Bank S.C Head office at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia till 12:00AM. Late submission shall be rejected.

8) Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Tsedey Bank S.C during office hours.

9) The bid will be opened on the last bid Submission date at 2:30 PM at Tsedey Bank S. Cat, Bahir Dar room No 205 in the presence of interested bidders or their authorized representative who wish to attend.

10) Tsedey Bank S.C reserves the right to accept or reject part or all of any bid.

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